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Taking inspiration from nature to develop a brand’s visual identity and communication materials.

Safra is a Portuguese farm to table restaurant with the mission to promote locally based agriculture through the art of cooking delicious and nutritious meals.

All of their ingredients are directly sourced from a local farm and other distributors, contributing to fresher higher quality produce, enhancing marketing opportunities for farmers and sustainably preserving our environment.

We wanted to convey this important message into their branding and communication materials.

Safra's logo was designed to represent the concept of nature and its resources, which is visually represented by the shape of the S.

The typography is made up of straight lines, inspired by the traits of a tree branch, thin parallel lines which represent the veins of a tree trunk, and finishing off with rounded tips, inspired by water droplets.

Since their menu changes according to the seasons, we wanted to develop a design that visually explored each season, making use of colour and other graphical elements.

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